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La ricezione della scuola inglese a Parigi nel XVIII secolo

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Il volume, frutto di un lungo percorso di studio, si propone di tracciare le relazioni artistiche tra Francia e Gran Bretagna descrivendo in dettaglio la ricezione della scuola inglese a Parigi nel XVIII secolo. La ricostruzione dell’esposizione e della circolazione delle opere d’arte inglesi, e la riscoperta dell’attività degli artisti in terra francese, permette di costruire un panorama che vede come protagonisti i collezionisti e i letterati dell’epoca.

This thesis aims to trace the artistic relations between France and Great Britain by detailing the reception of the English school in Paris in the 18th century. The reconstruction of the display and circulation of English works of art in Paris and the rediscovery of artists' activity on French soil allows to build a panorama that features collectors, men of letters. artists and works ofart. Not only will many aesthetic or technical debates will be traced, but as well impact on the artistic re?ection and their role in the history of art collection, reception and production will also be analyzed. Part ofthe thesis is devoted to the reconstruction ofthe presence of English works of art and the collections that held them in Paris throughout the 18th century. Through the analysis of sales catalogues, tourist guides and archives, we were able to reconstruct a corpus of works that highlights the important presence of English prints, especially mezzotint. Through the analysis of the theoretical discourse as well as the dynamics of collecting, we were able to determine the role played by the mezzotint, and then stipple engraving, in the creation of an idea of English school. Thus, English artistsbegan to be recognized for their artistic quality. Their works took then an important place in the Parisian market. At the same time, this phenomenon is favored by the different types of relationships established between French artists, collectors, or Parisian merchants, with British artists, which will open a new analysis for the reception process.

Polistampa, 2022

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Caratteristiche: ill. b/n, 16 tavv. col. f.t., br.

b/w ills, 16 col plates out of text, paperback

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ISBN: 978-88-596-2262-8


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