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Elisa Morucci

Ignis Super Aquam

Testi in italiano e in inglese

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Il volume riproduce una quarantina di sculture di Elisa Morucci, realizzate perlopiù utilizzando bronzo, terracotta e pietre locali.
“Realistiche e curate nei particolari”, scrive Anita Valentini, “ma allo stesso tempo sovrannaturali, le sue opere scaturiscono dal ricordo nella mente della scultrice di tempi e di luoghi, in virtù del suo essere viaggiatrice curiosa fra civiltà e paesi lontani”.

Testi di Silvestra Bietoletti e Anita Valentini.

Even if Elisa Morucci’s work belongs to an atavistic world, enriched of ancestral primitivism, the artist highly esteems and respects the Italian anatomical dimensions, which she investigates and sometimes intentionally modifies to define a concept. The effects of the spiritual practice and research have resulted in highly suggestive works and have contributed in giving an aura of magic to every single work. The detail becomes the Whole: macrocosm and microcosm mirror each other in order to “humbly show the travelling soul new and ancient paths to follow”. Her work represents the condensation of innumerable inspirations and of visual and iconographic stimuli. In fact, in the imagination of the sculptress different figurative rep­resentations are combined together to describe common deep roots. The historical and artistic studies, the anthropological researches, the personal exploration of the ancestral cultures and the work on herself have led her to observe that “The sky is one”, as she loves to repeat. Similar to the master craftsmen, extremely skilful in their art, Elisa Morucci has embarked on a training course “on the field”. The years of practice and the awareness of the symbolic value of the creative act have affected this cultured and conscious artist who pays great attention to every phase of the creative process. And this is in fact the main core of her work: she is ca­pable of showing in a subtle way – by working on different levels and with the symbols of the unconscious – how every human being is effectively bound to one another and to­gether with the Whole, made of immutable “Golden Laws”.

Texts by 
Silvestra Bietoletti and Anita Valentini.

Polistampa, 2019

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Caratteristiche: ill. col., cart.

col ills, hardcover

Formato: 22x22

ISBN: 978-88-596-1967-3



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