Amici di Doccia

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The Friends of Doccia was formed in July 2003 in Florence as a non profit-making cultural association to provide a research centre for scholars, collectors and admirers of Doccia porcelain and to promote a further understanding of the factory both in Italy and abroad, by organizing exhibitions, meetings and cultural exchanges between museums and affiliated societies. By becoming a member of the Friends of Doccia, and supporting its programme of events, about which you will be regularly informed, you will promote the continuing development of the study of decorative arts both in Italy and beyond; you will be able to attend conferences and take part in research relating to porcelain; you will receive up-to-date information regarding developments in the field of Doccia porcelain. The aim of the Friends of Doccia is to foster a network of knowledge between its members which will encourage a greater understanding of the many different aspects of the production of the Doccia factory.

Editorial director: Livia Frescobaldi Malenchini
Editor in chief:
 Beppe Manzotti
Editorial committee:
 Rita Balleri, Livia Frescobaldi Malenchini, Oliva Rucellai
Scientific committee:
 Cristina Aschengreen Piacenti, Alessandro Biancalana, Andreina d’Agliano, Livia Frescobaldi Malenchini, Oliva Rucellai

Direzione: Associazione Amici di Doccia - Via de’ Benci, 1 - 50122 Firenze
Tel. 055/282706, info@amicididoccia.it
Redazione: Polistampa - Uffici di via Livorno, 8/32 - 50142 Firenze
Tel. 055/7378736, fax 055/7378762,
Abbonamenti e vendite: Polistampa - Ufficio Commercio, via Livorno, 8/32 50142 Firenze
Tel. 055/7378736, fax 055/7378764, e-mail:, c/c postale 25986506

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