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Mona Lisa
And the Elusive Art of Leonardo da Vinci’s Paintings

Polistampa, 2022

Pagine: 296

Caratteristiche: ill. col., cart.

Formato: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-596-2259-8


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Leonardo da Vinci

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Many art historians have dared to try to puzzle out the mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting – not simply the reasons behind the enduring allure of the beguiling sitter and her eerily remarkable landscape background, but also more seemingly straightforward questions, such as who the painting in the Louvre represents and when exactly it was painted.
The Author guides us through the many tantalizing and often frustrating uncertainties about the Mona Lisa. He gives us all the ingredients of a great detective story, complete with puzzling evidence, contradictory witness statements, squabbling experts, CSI-style forensics, and a trail that twists and turns through the fog of five centuries.