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Società Dantesca Italiana
Opere / The Complete Works
Edizione Bilingue / A Bilingual Edition

Polistampa, 2022

Curated by:

Paola Allegretti

Riccardo Bruscagli

Pages: 2048

Features: lux ed., hardcover, in box , 2 volumi

Size: 12x17

ISBN: 978-88-596-2196-6


L1 / Studi, storia della letteratura

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The best translations of Dante’s complete works with original text opposite

Ten years after the publication of the new canonical edition of Dante’s Complete Works in a single luxury volume, the Società Dantesca Italiana accomplished another great critical work: the updated edition of those same works by the Great Poet, with a full English translation, one of the highlights of the celebrations for the seventh centenary of the Poet’s death. This publication presents critical editions of the original texts in vernacular and Latin, flanked by their best translations in English, selected from among the most accredited and authoritative currently available in international scholarship.

Critical Editions by P. Allegretti, F. Brambilla Ageno, G. Contini, D. De Robertis, G. Gorni, G. Inglese, F. Mazzoni, P.V. Mengaldo, E. Pistelli, P. Shaw.
Translations by S. Botterill, S. Casciani, P.S. Diehl, R.M. Durling, A. Frisardi, C. Kleinhenz, R. Lansing, R. Lokaj, R. Martinez, P. Shaw, P. Toynbee, P. Wicksteed.

First volume
Vita Nova - Rime - The Fiore - The Detto d’Amore - Convivio - De Vulgari Eloquentia - Monarchy - The Letters - Egloge - Questio
Second volume
The Divine Comedy