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Souvenir d’Italie
Disegni e acquerelli della collezione Horne

Polistampa, 2019

Curated by:

Matilde Casati

Elisabetta Nardinocchi

Pages: 84

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 21,5x18,5

ISBN: 978-88-596-1965-9


A1 / Storia dell’arte

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Italian text

The exhibition held from the 6th of April to the 30th of July 2019 in the Museo Horne in Florence is a tribute to the “Bel Paese”, that inspired numerous masterpieces through the centuries with its urban and natural landscapes. Those wonderful works of art have helped to create and spread an idea of Italy that is still present in the collective imagination.
The catalogue gathers around fifty works about travelling created between the sixtieth and ninetieth century by artists who chose Italy as their second homeland.

Texts by Antonio Paolucci, Andrea Pessina, Umberto Tombari, Elisabetta Nardinocchi, Matilde Casati.