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Kunihiko Omori paints Florence / Kunihiko Omori dipinge Firenze

Polistampa, 2019

Pages: 144

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 19,5x27

ISBN: 978-88-596-1948-2


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea


Omori Kunihiko

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Japanese, English and Italian text

The catalog of the exhibition set up from 25 May to 22 June 2019 in Florence, in the premises of the “Velona Antichità” art gallery, shows about sixty works by Kunihiko Omori, a Japanese artist specialized in oil technique which he use to portray suggestive views of the capital of Tuscany.
“In one painting after another”, as Cristina Acidni writes, “Omori invites us to discover or rediscover aspects of the city which may surprise even those who think they know it well. His lean and subtle painting is not afraid to confront ambitious landscapes, such as a framing of the Arno between its banks seen from the Bardini garden looking to the east, or to devote itself with care to the cracks in the plaster and the crumbling walls of certain rural houses within walking distance of the city, which with mute tenacity refuse to succumb to the bulldozer or recycling. The streets and hills of the Oltrarno, with their narrow paths bound within continuous walls, provide generous opportunities: the ghost of Ottone Rosai hovers there, but his ‘little men’ have fled”.