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Agricoltura come scienza
Tutti gli scritti di Raffaello Lambruschini (1822-1873). II

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With this volume, continues the project of publishing all the manuscripts about agronomy, technology, and economy by Raffaello Lambruschini. Here is collected the second part of his several comments about the cultivation of mulberry, the farming of silkworm and the silk industry, written between 1822 and 1865. Sericulture had a central role in the work of the abbot from San Cerbone and his dedication towards agronomy. His activity was the result of a sincere passion that grew as time passed thank to exchanges with the national scientific community. Reading the scripts of this second phase (1856-1865) we see his mindset and his work reaching the full maturation. The manuscript was copied maintaining the original tenor, correcting only the most evident typos. In order to make this collection as complete as possible, we analyzed the main newspapers and magazines on regional and national scale, together with various bibliographic sources, in order to find both articles and monographs and booklets published independently. As this volume represents the last piece of the section about sericulture, the next ones will include his scripts about agronomy, technology and economy: numerous comments with a high scientific value, thank to which it is possible to identify Lambruschini as a central figure in the agronomic international cultural scene.