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Mamma raccontami
Ricordi di vita e di fornello

Sarnus, 2015

Curated by:

Andrea Gamannossi

Pages: 144

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-563-0183-0


Diari e Memorie, 37


L6 / Diari, memorie

€ 9,50

€ 10 | Risparmio € 0,50 (5%)

Italian text

None knows us as good as our mum does. But how much do we know about such an important figure? This diary is just for her: by answering many simple questions about her life, from her childhood to her wedding, she will be able to share her story, giving space to the happiest memories, and describing some details that maybe we don’t know yet. And since mum’s kitchen is second to none, this small “white books” does not forget the gastronomy, leaving much space to the family recipes: a journey through memories and tastes to keep in our hearts.

I edition: October 2015
I reprint: April 2017
II reprint: May 2018