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Antifascismo e Resistenza in Oltrarno
Storia di un quartiere di Firenze

Carlo Zella, 2014

Pages: 224

Features: 27 b/w plates out of text, paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-88433-35-6


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Italian text

A thorough research about Anti-fascism in the most popular and characteristic district of Florence, named Oltrarno, as a microcosm representative of the whole Italian history.
The first part of the book focuses more specifically on the site and on the social web, framing the period 1861-1921. Enriched with statistics, census and urban data, as well as conditions of life, trades and professions, this book provides useful tools in interpreting and contextualizing the subsequent period. The second (1922-1939) and the third part (1940-1944) address the Fascist period: included in the historical context, we find news, stories and anecdotes, incidents of armed struggle, disobedience, draft resistance, passive resistance, sometimes based from newspapers and bulletins: collective and individual events.
Based on largely unpublished documents, exhibited with rigor and expertise but with the exciting style of a choral novel, the story of the neighborhood becomes an emblem of the national history, intriguing historians, sociologists but also the wider public.

«... Through this work we can look forward to the summer of 1944 with the understanding that comes from the historical knowledge and the adoption of an unusual long-term perspective.»
Simone Neri Serneri