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Compagni di scuola
Il libro bianco della memoria

Sarnus, 2014

Curated by:

Paolo Piani

Pages: 144

Features: paperback

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-563-0106-9


Diari e Memorie, 29


L6 / Diari, memorie

€ 9,50

€ 10 | Risparmio € 0,50 (5%)

Italian text

Do you remember the sound of the bell, recreation time, traveling with the school bus? What was your teachers’ name? Which was your favourite schoolmate?
It is you who have to write this “white book”, answering to questions and filling the many blank spaces with thoughts and memories. It is a way to return once again in your classroom, joking with old friends, wondering what on earth we will do when we grow up. But it could be also a gift for our parents, to find out what school was like at their times and what in the meanwhile has changed.