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Firenze e l’Europa liberale
“L’Economista” (1874-81)

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The essay analyzes the European origins of the magazine «L’Economista» (The Economist), which appeared for the first time in Florence in May 1874 and continued its publications until 1881. The magazine was the press organ of the Tuscan Liberals, including its founder Francesco Ferrara (1810-1900), one of the most influential economists of the Italian Risorgimento. It gathered a compact group of economists, from Sicily to Romagna, creating an authoritative center of political influence and opinion.
By comparing the history of «L’Economista» with that of other European magazines born under the same flag, one can notice the distinctive features of the Tuscan journal, mainly due to the historical influence of contemporary Tuscany. The volume also contains an anthology of the articles published by the magazine, which are useful to point out the editorial line, the most relevant themes and the target audience.

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