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Franco Lani
20 disegni di case popolari

Polistampa, 2012

Pages: 20

Features: 20 col 24x34 cm plates + 4 text pages, in hard folder

Size: 25,5x35,5

ISBN: 978-88-596-0966-7


A2 / Arte moderna e contemporanea

A3 / Architettura, urbanistica, territorio

A7 / Stampe, xilografie


Franco Lani

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Italian and English text

The twenty paintings collected in this folder are related to some Residential Counsil Housing projects Franco Lani realized in Tuscany and Veneto for the Iacp of Arezzo (then Ater, and now Arezzo Casa Spa) and for the Ater of Venice.
These “drawings of projects” are a sort of Franco Lani self portrait and at the same time a realistic portrait of the suburban, semi-urban landscape of Arezzo and of most Italian little towns. Franco Lani’s work represents a significant historical phase of this Country and at the same time the proof of it’s author’s civic and professional engagement. His works are at the same time landscapes, abstract paintings and building details collected in this single document which conveys a great energy, a great professional and civic reliability and also a peculiar and precise “realism”, both territorial and political.
Four Italian and English text pages: Franco Lani, a territorial self-portrait by Andrea Branzi and the author’s biography.