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Commentario alle Bucoliche di Virgilio
Nell’incunabolo di Bernardo e Domenico Cennini. Firenze. 7 XI 1471

Polistampa, 2011

Curated by:

Paolo Cantinelli

Pages: 112

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 24x33

ISBN: 978-88-596-1003-8


DSU7 / Anastatiche

L1 / Studi, storia della letteratura


Bernardo Cennini

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Italian text

Reproduction of the rare folio copy containing the commentary by the Latin grammarian Servius Marius Onoratus on Virgil’s Bucolics, now in the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Florence. The work, produced in 1471 by the goldsmith and typographer Bernardo Cennini with the help of his sons Domenico and Pietro (Pietro edited the Latin text), is the first book ever printed in Florence. This deluxe edition was produced for the 540th anniversary of the printing of the Commentarii. In addition to the facsimile of the original incunabulum, it contains the first Italian translation of Servius’s commentary by Gabriella Frangini.
Foreword by Luigi Zangheri; preface by Maria Letizia Sebastiani; introduction by Piero Scapecchi.

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