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Outline Engravings and Descriptions of the Woburn Abbey Marbles (M.DCCC.XXII)/ Le Grazie a Woburn Abbey

Polistampa, 2012

Curated by:

Arnaldo Bruni

Pages: 484

Features: b/w ills, 2 tomes, hardcover + paperback, in casket

Size: 24,8x32

ISBN: 978-88-596-0950-6


A1 / Storia dell’arte

A6 / Collezionismo

DSU7 / Anastatiche

L1 / Studi, storia della letteratura

L9 / Poesia


Ugo Foscolo

€ 68,00

€ 80 | Risparmio € 12,00 (15%)
Spedizione Gratuita

Fac-similar edition plus Italian translation & apparatus

This anastatic reproduction of William Nicol’s 1822 Outline Engravings and Description of the Woburn Abbey Marbles contains 98 engraved plates by Henry Corbould of Ugo Foscolo’s Bedfort sculptures, the original English text, along with Italian translation and commentary.

PDF format
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