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The Image of Heritage. Changing Perception, Permanent Responsibilities
Proceedings of the International Conference of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee for the Theory and the Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration. 6-8 March 2009 Florence, Italy

Polistampa, 2011

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Simone Giometti

Andrzej Tomaszewski

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Andrzej Tomaszewski,  The mutual relationships between man and monument through history
Wilfried Lipp,  Imago – Image – Imagine: sketches for a mind map
Boguslaw Szmygin,  The historic towns in the process of development of tourism
Paolo Del Bianco,  Cultural heritage for intercultural dialogue with Life beyond Tourism

Masahiro Onuma, The worth of maturity in the living properties - Enzo Bentivoglio, Territory, sites and museum: from the discovery of Etruria by Francesco Inghirami to D.H. Lawrence - Patrizia Falzone, Changing approaches in dealing with Cultural property in the past Phisical and - intellectual. The case of Genoa and its cultural heritage - Peter Burman, Conservation and creativity - Irmela Spelsberg, Mignon was right: Goethe’s Stay in Italy 1786-1788 - SimonettaValtieri, A hundred years from Futurism. Fruition of the car patrimony - Joerg Haspel,  Where is the Berlin Wall?” From a hated heritage to a missed monument - Additional Contributions

Michal Firestone, The lexus and the olive tree: cultural diversity in historic cities - Francesco Civita, The indivisible relation between tangible and intangible cultural heritage - Michael S. Falser, The Bamiyan Buddhas, performative iconoclasm and the image of heritage - Svitlana Smolenska, Mind Manipulation by mass-media using city images in newspapers - Maria Isabella Amirante, Caterina Frettoloso, Choosing, visiting and understanding archaeological heritage: multimedia technologies for cultural tourism - Josef Stulc, The So-called Synthetic Method of Architectural Conservation. The Response of Czech Conservators to the Militant Modern Movement of the Thirties - Markus Pescoller, Restoration and the narrative of tourism - Additional Contributions

Sue Millar, Engaging cultural tourists: moving towards a new philosophy of conservation management at iconic cultural heritage sites in the context of sustainable development and mass tourism - Nuhad Abdallah, Archaeology, Urban sites and Cultural Diversity: A Gateway of Mass Tourism to Syria - Andrew Sneddon, Water Buffalo and Coach Tours: Mass Tourism and Traditional Life at Angkor, Cambodia - Carlo Francini, Sustainable Tourism and Historic Center of Florence UNESCO Management Plan - Rosa Anna Genovese, Management of heritage and culture of tourism - Marc Laenen, < Strategic action plans for substantive heritage tourism in Limburg - Additional Contributions

Hans Christie Bjoennes, Building Memory of Heritage in Multicultural Societies - Lucille Karen Malilong Isberto, Instilling pride of place: The Heritage Caravan in Cebu, Philippines - Manlio Montuori, Being passed on to future generations: the instances of Ponte a Santa Trinita in Florence and the Genbaku Dome in Hiroshima for the conservation of architectural heritage at risk - Tatiana Kirova, From passive protection to sustainable development: a shared yet not always fully achieved objective - Ojars Sparitis, Architectura et Ars Sacra Christiana after WW II in the globalised World - Roel De Ridder, Building another future for neo-Gothic churches in Flanders - Weclawowicz-Gyurkovich, The phenomenon of the latest architecture in tourism

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