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Dialoghi con Dio
Mistici, patriarchi e profeti

Mauro Pagliai, 2010

Pages: 216

Features: paperback

Size: 12,2x20

ISBN: 978-88-564-0116-5


Le ragioni dell’Occidente, 8


DSU4 / Religione


Giorgio La Pira

€ 10,20

€ 12 | Risparmio € 1,80 (15%)

Italian text

Rodolfo Doni documents the faith and hope of saints, patriarchs, prophets, mystics and others who have lived their lives fully through the Evangel’s message. Total submission to God’s will, penitence and self-negation are some of the principal themes explored. A book that offers hope and guidance along the righteous path, one that offers answers to the external question of man’s existence. Italian text.

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