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The Minerva of Arezzo

Polistampa, 2010

Curated by:

Mario Cygielman

Pages: 56

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 21,5x23,5

ISBN: 978-88-596-0708-3


A5 / Restauro

DSU2 / Archeologia

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English edition

The book tells the story of the bronze of Minerva of Arezzo. It represents the culmination of a process of investigation, analysis, precise documentation, and necessary and bold restoration. Its history is largely mysterious and, therefore, even more intriguing. In 1541, a well was being dug near the church of San Lorenzo in the city of Arezzo. The workers were looking for water and instead they found the Minerva, a statue 150 cm tall, with the goddess’ head slightly turned to the right and with her youthful face framed by the hair on her forehead. On her head there is a Corinthian helmet, and her body is enveloped in a mantle which largely covers the underlying peplos, a garment of lightweight fabric. This marvelous statue appeared to be so historically significant that around the mid sixteenth century, Cosimo I de’ Medici was moved to acquire it, bringing it to his studiolo, his private study in Palazzo Vecchio. The Minerva of Arezzo remained in Florence until its recent careful restoration, which has permitted its entry into the circuit of major exhibitions.
Essays by Giuseppe Fanfani, Fulvia Lo Schiavo, Mario Cygielman, Silvia Vilucchi, Giandomenico De Tommaso.

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