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Il canto dei Bischeri
Il nuovo e completo Struscio Fiorentino tra curiosità, leggende, aneddoti e credenze popolari della Firenze medievale e rinascimentale. Con appunti per uno Struscio Toscano

Sarnus, 2010

Pages: 192

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-563-0032-1


Il Segnalibro, 22


A1 / Storia dell’arte

DSU1 / Storia

SS7 / Cultura popolare

TL9 / Umorismo

€ 15,30

€ 18 | Risparmio € 2,70 (15%)

Italian text

Anecdotes and curious stories accompany readers on their tour of Florence and its most famous streets. The volume is suitable both for those who already know the city and for anyone who would like to learn more about its history and traditions. The book includes a photo session by Aldo Zaccagna and an introduction by Ezio Andretti. Color illustrations, photographs and maps of historical neighborhoods complete this guide to the Tuscan capital.

I edition: January 2010
Reprints: March 2010, January 2012, May 2016

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