Leonardo Libri | Firenze | Scheda Libro

Il libro delle paure
Racconti popolari di diavoli, fate e fantasmi

Sarnus, 2009

Pages: 288

Features: hardcover

Size: 15x24

ISBN: 978-88-563-0030-7


Children’s corner, 13


SS7 / Cultura popolare

TL3 / Bambini, ragazzi

€ 12,75

€ 15 | Risparmio € 2,25 (15%)

Italian text

ollowing his successful two volume work on Italian fables, Carlo Lapucci returns with this collection of Tuscan stories for adults. What better match for children’s tales than the horror stories their parents told each other after the little ones had gone to bed? Many of the themes that hide under the surface of modern horror stories share roots with these fireside tales: enchanted treasure, endless chases, ghosts and imaginary beasts and other unexplainable phenomena.

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