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Le rubinetterie “Signorini” / “Signorini” faucets and fixtures
Storia, memoria, immagini. Dal vecchio impianto alla nuova fabbrica / History, recollections, images. From the old plant to the new factory

Polistampa, 2008

Curated by:

Ivano Tognarini

Pages: 212

Features: col ills, hardcover

Size: 22x22

ISBN: 978-88-596-0459-4


DSU1 / Storia

SS2 / Economia

TL8 / Fotografia


Massimo D’Amato, Sandro Nannucci, Angelo Nesti

€ 13,60

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Italian and English text

This discourse reconstructs more than eight decades of work in Florence by the faucet factory "Signorini", which left a strong and significant impression on the industrial history and culture of the city. The volume is organized into three parts. L’evoluzione di un’impresa storica fiorentina (Evolution of an Historical Florentine Company) by Angelo Nesti outlines the evolution of society from 1923 to today; La fabbrica ricordata (Remembering the Factory) edited by Sandro Nannucci recounts the memories of five people who worked at the Signorini factory - Giovanna Betti, Mauro Del Conte, Paolo Falsetti, Alessandro Luciani, and Raffaello Pesci; finally there is La fabbrica immaginata (The portrait of a factory), full of striking black and white photographs by Massimo D’Amato.

Preface by Iacopo Piccinini

Text by Angelo Nesti
Interviews by Sandro Nannucci
Photographs by Massimo D’Amato.

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