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Values and Criteria in Heritage Conservation
Proceedings of the International Conference of ICOMOS, ICCROM, Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco. Florence March 2nd - 4th 2007

Polistampa, 2008

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Andrzej Tomaszewski

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Foreword to the International Conference - Greetings and Auspices
Paolo Del Bianco, President of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco - Giovanni Puglisi, President of the UNESCO Italian National Commission - Claudio Martini, President of the Region of Tuscany - Eugenio Giani, Deputy Mayor of the Town of Florence - Joe King, Sites Unit Director ICCROM, on behalf of the Director-General of ICCROM, Mr. Mounir Bouchenaki - Michael Petzet, President of ICOMOS - Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, President of ICOMOS Italy
Introduction on the Topic of the Conference
Andrzej Tomaszewski, President of ICOMOS Committee of Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration
SESSION 1 - Values of Heritage and Great Religious-Cultural Areas
José Manuel del Río Carrasco, Values of Heritage in the Religious and Cultural Tradition of Christianity: the Concept of Authenticity (paper presented on the behalf of Mons. Carlo Chenis) - Mehr Azar Soheil, Heritage Values in Religious and Cultural Traditions of Islam - Gamini Wijesuriya, Values of the Heritage in the Religious and Cultural Traditions of Southern Asia - Andrew Sneddon, Heritage and the Law: Assessing and Managing Heritage Values in Australia and the Pacific - Meredith Walker, Spirituality, Land Tenure and the Recognition of Heritage Values in Australia
SESSION 2 - Evolution of Values and Criteria
Marc Laenen, Reflections on Heritage Values - Javier Gallego Roca, Time, Memory and Restoration: the Alhambra Paradigm - Giuseppe Basile, Validity/Actuality of Aesthetical Values - Yumi Isabelle Akieda, What Has Been Valued in Japanese Architectural Heritage? From Monuments to “Machinami” - Hans Christie Bjønness, Changing Territorial Values in Urban Conservation. From Patan, Nepal, to Gyantse, Tibet Autonomous Region - Josef Sˇtulc, The Birth of the Idea of Protection of Historic Quarters in the 19th Century. Prague and its Impact on Present-Day Conservation Policy in the Czech Republic
SESSION 3 - Systems of Classification of Cultural Property
Boguslaw Szmygin, Classification of Historical Monuments - Guo Zhan, Criteria of Classification on Values and Criteria in Cultural Heritage Conservation. Series of China - Gustavo Araoz, Heritage Classifications and the Need to Adjust Them to Emerging Paradigms: the United States Experience - Jukka Jokilehto, Aesthetics in the World Heritage Context
SESSION 4 - Authenticity: Outstanding Italian Philosophy
Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, The Discriminating Value of the Authenticity in the Debate on the Restoration. Before and after Nara - Giuseppe Cruciani Fabozzi, The Need for Authenticity in the Tradition of the Florentine School of Restoration - Maria Piera Sette, Discussion of Authenticity, a Brief Note - Stella Casiello, Autenthicity and Restoration: the Role of the “Scuola Napoletana” - Giorgio Macchi, Authenticity of Structural Conception
SESSION 5 - Values in Restoration
Andrzej Tomaszewski, Conservation between “Aesthetics” and Authenticity - Simonetta Valtieri, Cultural Heritage “Value” and its Social Appreciation - Calogero Bellanca, The Values of Cultural Heritage in the Terminology of Restoration - Nicholas Stanley-Price, The Value of Reconstructed Archaeological Sites - Dorothy Bell, The Value of Ruins: Present Definitions and Methods of Perception - Gennaro Tampone, Semiological Values of Consolidation Works in Monumental Buildings - Petr Kroupa, The Idea of Heritage Values: Czech Experience
SESSION 6 - Outstanding Universal Values (OUV) – Aesthetics
Wilfried Lipp, Aesthetic Values in the Context of Monuments and Sites - Michael Petzet, What is Outstanding Universal Value? - Tamás Fejérdy, Evolution and Possible Enhancement of the Concept of OUV - Michal Firestone, Aesthetic Values of Historic Cities - Susan Denyer, Aesthetic Value of Cultural Landscapes
SESSION 7 - Dilemma of Values of Post-Totalitarian Heritage
Enzo Bentivoglio, An Inheritance from the Thirties in Italy: the Example of the University Campus of Rome - Irmela Spelsberg, Between Historical Commemoration and Political Decontamination: Some Examples of the Architecture from the ’30s in Berlin - Jacek Purchla, Dilemma of Post-Totalitarian Heritage (Polish Experiences) - Gulchorha Mammadova, A Dilemma of Historical Heritage under New Political Conditions: the Case of Azerbaijan
SESSION 8 - World Heritage Evaluation Criteria
Giovanni Boccardi, Perspectives on World Heritage Criteria - Mounir Bouchenaki, A New Approach to the Concept of Cultural Property - Michael Turner, Values of Heritage in Great Religious and Cultural Areas. From Existentialism to Historicism – A View of the Holy Land and the Sites of Jesus and the Apostles - Rosa Anna Genovese, Cultural Property and Values in the Universal Context - Natalia Dushkina, World Heritage List: Evaluating the 20th Century Heritage - Tatiana Kirova, Criteria and Best Practices in the Management of WHL in Italy - Carlo Francini, The World Heritage Criteria for the Historic Centre of Florence.

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