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Il grande lago di Tiberiade
Lettere di Giorgio La Pira per la pace nel Mediterraneo

Polistampa, 2006

Curated by:

Marco Pietro Giovannoni

Pages: 348

Features: b/w ills, paperback

Size: 14x21

ISBN: 978-88-596-0062-6


I libri della Badia, 7


DSU1 / Storia

DSU4 / Religione

L7 / Epistolari

SS1 / Politica


Giorgio La Pira

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Italian text

Unpublished letters by La Pira (1954-1977) to the great statesmen of the Mediterranean area to promote peace in the Holy Land and in the Middle East This book is a collection of the letters by Giorgio La Pira about one of the fundamental themes of his political action and thought: the Mediterranean, that he called “the Lake Tiberias” for its belonging to the three great monotheistic religions of the family of Abraham. This place, destined to become sign and instrument of the meeting of different populations and the overcoming of the political, economic, religious, ethnic and cultural barriers, is the common theme of all the letters by La Pira, who deals also with international politics; for example the promotion of peace in Jerusalem as the starting point to achieve peace in the world. In this volume there are collected also some documents - most of them yet unplished- that testify La Pira’s will to promote peace in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East through his letters addressed to the great political and religious leaders of the area, for example King Hussein of Jordan, the Egyptian president Nasser, Moshé Dayan, Arafat and many others. A synoptic chronology of the historical events mentioned in the letters, very useful for their understanding, closes the volume.