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Scritti giornalistici Volume 4 Tomi 1-7
Raccolta 2. Volume 4. Il Resto del Carlino. 1955-1968

Polistampa, 2006

Curated by:

Paolo Bagnoli

Pages: 3750

Features: 7 tomes, hardcover, box set

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 88-596-0001-4


Polistampa Grandi Opere | Scritti giornalistici di Giovanni Spadolini, 4


DSU1 / Storia

SS1 / Politica

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Italian text

The seven tomes in this fourth volume of Giovanni Spadolini’s works present the entire run of the great Italian journalist’s articles between 1955 and 1968. Entering with the Korean War, and exiting with Vietnam, the collection echoes the profound changes of the international scene, as well as equally profound political and economic transformations in his own Italy. The book includes an introduction by Cosimo Ceccuti.