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Firenze oltre il fiume / Florence beyond the river

Polistampa, 2003

Pages: 320

Features: col ills, paperback

Size: 24x31

ISBN: 978-88-8304-662-9


DSU1 / Storia

SS7 / Cultura popolare

TL8 / Fotografia


Carlo Cantini

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Italian and English text

Diladdarno (which literally means “beyond the river Arno”) is not just “a place”. It is the part of the town that today still conserves the essence of Florence, its more authentic soul: workers’ houses, small shops, artisans, humanity, all laboriously preserved from tourists’ onslaught. As confirmed by the success of the first edition, this book fills a gap in the bibliography on Florence, which before did not included a text specifically dedicated to the Oltrarno . This book was created and conceived as a way of ‘getting an idea’ of the thousand facets that make up the other face, hidden and still untouched, of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Photos by Carlo Cantini

I edition: december 2003
I reprint: november 2005