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Accademia dei Georgofili
Storia dell’agricoltura italiana

Polistampa, 2002

Pages: 2496

Features: ill. b/n, cart. , 5 volumi

Size: 17x24

ISBN: 978-88-8304-508-0


DSU1 / Storia

DSU2 / Archeologia

S2 / Tecnica

SS1 / Politica

SS2 / Economia

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Italian text

“Georgofili wanted to celebrate their 250th anniversary by offering a complete study on the history of Italian agriculture. The work is composed of five volumes containing not just a simple illustration of agricultural history from its origins to today, but also a difficult and unpredictable future projection”.
(Franco Scaramuzzi)
“The first aim was to offer a sufficiently wide work, starting from the first signs of fatigue and human industriousness on Italian lands, till the most recent developments and perspectives in the agricultural field. The second aim was to address a wide range of readers, from college students to scholars, through the work of acknowledged specialists who wrote using the simplest possible style. Notwithstanding this, the authors bore in mind that the work can be useful also to specialists of the field, who are often concentrated on chronological sequences, thanks to the chronological ‘verticality’ of the work.
(Giovanni Cherubini)

All volumes are hardback with canvas coating embossed in gold and dyed with colors. Each volume, printed on premium ivory paper, includes charts, graphs, photos, and tables outside the text, which enrich the book’s content. The whole work, available also in single volumes, (files can be consulted on Website), comes with a stylish hard case fully coated with canvas.

Scientific Commitee: Giovanni Cherubini, Reginaldo Cianferoni, Zeffiro Ciuffoletti, Gaetano Forni, Arnaldo Marcone, Giuliano Pinto, Carlo Poni, Leonardo Rombai, Franco Scaramuzzi, Ugo Tucci, Paolo Nanni