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Le avventure di Pinocchio
Illustrazioni di Paolo Giangrandi

Polistampa, 1996

Pages: 212

Features: b/w ills, hardcover

Size: 24X31



L2 / Romanzi

TL3 / Bambini, ragazzi

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Italian text

“The wood, in which Pinocchio was carved, represents the humanity, and he stands on his feet and enters the life in the same way of a man who starts his novitiate” (Benedetto Croce). This critic, dated back to 1937, has triggered a process of rereading and reevaluation of Collodi’s masterpiece, not only because of his pedagogical value, but also as an example of high literature. There is no need to mention the success that the novel gained and still has. From the preface by Francesco Gurrieri: “Now, from the unusual and unpopular soil of the humility, rises Pinocchio illustrated by Giangrandi, an artist that has never chased the fame nor pursued publicity… who proposes today, with the sweet taste of home-made, wood baked bread, his iconographic interpretation of Pinocchio, about which of we could mention a deeply  personal stylistic hallmark, a strong artistic culture and much more…”. This volume, with its typographic accurate guise, is bound in a hardback edition.