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The Primo Conti Foundation, Documentation and Research of the Historic Vanguards Centre, was instituted on 1980 by Primo Conti (Florence 1900-Fiesole 1988), who was a protagonist of the Italian Futurism. He figured his own house as a model for a “memories house” for culture and art. The project could be realised thanks the approval and support of the local and regional Councils, which since the beginnings contributed to the development and realisation of the Primo Conti long dreamed project “to preserve the memory and the creations of the most important XXth Century innovation Movements”. The Museum, opened since 1986, contains more than 60 oil tempera paintings. Primo Conti Foundation main aim is the study, promotion and diffusion of the artistic and literary patrimony connected with the figure of the Maestro Primo Conti and arts, letters, music in the complex period of the historical Vanguards.
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