Pier Francesco Listri

Pier Francesco Listri was for many years journalist, chief editor and columnist for the newspaper «La Nazione». He has also worked with major newspapers such as «L’Espresso» and magazines such as Calamandrei’s «Il ponte».
From thirty years, he is director and producer of cultural programs in RAI (Italy’s national television). Historian of Florence and Tuscany, he has devoted to these subjects more than twenty works, including the best-sellers Dizionari di Firenze e della Toscana, La grande storia di Firenze and Firenze e la Toscana dei Lorena.
He is professor at the University of the Third Age and he attentively follows the world of show business, for which he has written several works. He has won numerous awards. He currently works with RAI, with important private radios and televisions and with the newspapers «Il Giornale» and «Il Sole 24 ore».

by Pier Francesco Listri
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