Fausto Berti

Fausto Berti (Empoli, 1951) has studied Medieval History, Modern History and Medieval Archaeology at the Universities of Florence and Pisa. Among his many publications of history and archeology we can mention: Storia della ceramica di Montelupo (1997-2002) in five volumes, Il museo della ceramica di Montelupo  (Italian and English edition, Florence 2008), La farmacia storica fiorentina (Florence 2010). Since 1982 he has been the director of the Museum of Montelupo’s Ceramics (the "Montelupo Museums System", including the Ceramics Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Contemporary Museum). Since 1982 he has supervised many excavations, including, in addition to the many archaeological ones in the city center of Montelupo ("well of washes", etc..), those, still current, concerning the Roman villa of Vergigno and the Etruscan village of Montereggi.

by Fausto Berti