Simone Bartolini

Simone Bartolini, was born in Siena in 1963 and works in Florence as a cartographer at the Military Geographical Institute (Istituto Geografico Militare). As a keen astronomer, he has designed and realised several artistic-gnomonic works over the last decade. These include the great solar meridian in Piazza Panicaglia in the commune of Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), the solar meridian in Piazza Marconi in the commune of Pineto (Teramo) and the gnomonic area in the public park, Nan Lian Garden, of the Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong (where he was awarded first prize at the tenth edition of the international competition “Shadow of Time”). He has also won the national competition “Il Fiume, il Tempo e il Sole” for the realisation of a gnomonic area in Mella Park in the commune of Brescia and he is working together with the staff at the Galileo Museum in Florence on the restoration of ancient scientific instruments. Bartolini has written I fori gnomonici di Egnazio Danti in Santa Maria Novella (Polistampa, 2006), Gli strumenti astronomici di Egnazio Danti e la misura del tempo in Santa Maria Novella (Polistampa, 2008), Sun and Symbols. The Zodiacs in the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte and in the Baptistry of San Giovanni in Florence (with Italian and English text, Polistampa, 2008), Le porte del cielo. Percorsi di luce nelle chiese romaniche toscane (Polistampa, 2017).

by Simone Bartolini