Paolo Caratelli

Paolo Caratelli

Paolo Caratelli è un Architetto iscritto all’Albo di Firenze. Ha conseguito un M. Arch. magna cum laude e un Dottorato di ricerca in Progettazione Architettonica e Urbana presso l’Università di Firenze. Paolo Caratelli è un ricercatore sulla sostenibilità architettonica e urbana e ha eseguito studi sui cambiamenti sociali e culturali nel design urbano, architettonico e di interni. Ha scritto contributi per numerose riviste internazionali e atti di conferenze peer-reviewed, lavorando anche come guest editor e revisore.
Dr. Paolo Caratelli is a licensed architect in Italy (OAPPC, Florence Chapter N.5502) and has worked as an associate professor of architecture at Abu Dhabi University since 2011. He holds a Diploma in Visual Arts and Architecture from the Florence School of Fine Arts, an M. Arch. with honors, and a Ph.D. in Architectural Design and Urban Planning from Florence, Italy.
After completing his master's thesis, he worked for six years, until his retirement, with Prof. Remo Buti, an important figure in the radical architectural movement of the 1960s in Florence as a teaching assistant and researcher in the Interior Architecture Course. He was then supervised as a doctoral advisor by Prof. Alberto Breschi, a leading figure in the same architectural movement.
In 2000, to put into building practice the architectural concepts he had internalized during his academic training, he opened his own office in Florence as a design consultancy. He worked on several projects of different sizes and typologies as a design manager, architect, and planner for private clients and public institutions in Italy and France. In 2006, he joined Archea Associati as a junior partner and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2008, where he served as Managing Director of the Dubai office until 2011. Since 2011, he has been a full-time lecturer at Abu Dhabi University.

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