Leonardo Libri | Firenze | Scheda Libro

San Frediano
Un irlandese a Firenze / An Irishman in Florence

Sarnus, 2008

Pages: 96

Features: col ills, hardcover, CD+DVD & book

Size: 13,5x12,5

ISBN: 978-88-563-0011-6


Note di Toscana, 1


SS7 / Cultura popolare

TL4 / Spettacolo

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Italian and English text. Live in Saschall

"Whisky Trail" is an out-and-out "live" CD and DVD, reproducing the sounds and images of a concert at the Saschall Theater in Florence, one of many held every year during the celebration known as "Irlanda in Festa." This is a yearly rite that falls around the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day. This multimedia publication came from the desire to remember this unique experience and document the occasion as a tribute to our illustrious ancestor: San Frediano, who gave his name to the most famous Florentine quarter in the world and came to Tuscany from Ireland in the sixth century.